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Are you looking for a professional couch cleaning service to clean your old couch in Plano Texas? If you have been considering tossing it to the curb because it is dull and dirty, you might want to give Green Way Carpet Cleaning Plano a call since we can restore its original look. We are a cleaning service that uses advanced techniques to clean your furniture and to give it a new lease on life.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

We specialize in upholstery dry cleaning that leaves your furniture fabric shining and looking good. Once we are done cleaning your seat you won’t believe how much better it looks and how well we are able to bring out its original beauty that made you love it in the first place. We have a steam cleaning furniture that does a superior job without the use of chemicals. By using steam, we are able to extract dirt, grease and odors from your couch leaving it smelling great and inviting. In case you have never had this service done, we encourage you to give it a try since it makes all the difference.

Our upholstery cleaning services are unmatched since we provide you unparalleled quality while giving your home a vibrant look. We also treat the colors of your upholstery with care to preserve their richness.

Second to your home, your furniture is your biggest and highly valued investment in your house. While people spend money to fix up their homes to give them curb appeal, rarely do they think about maintaining their furniture. If your furniture has lost its appeal because it has been collecting dust and grime over the years, Green Way Carpet Cleaning Plano can bring it back to life.

Likewise, if your investment in expensive upholstery hasn’t been attended to in years, we can skillfully clean your sofa, furniture, and couches to give them back the elegance they may have lost. Our technicians are experts in dry cleaning upholstery. Once they establish what type of material they are made of they have just the right treatment for them and can give them their sparkle back.
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