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Your home receives more foot traffic than you know and in a short time your sparkling rugs may become soiled and in bad need to be cleaned. If you need area rug cleaning that goes beyond the surface to give you added value, Green Way Carpet Cleaning Plano can provide this service for you at a reasonable cost.

Rug Steam Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians are experts in Oriental rug cleaning since they have invested a lot of time and effort to learn the proper way of caring for these types of floor coverings. In addition to achieving extensive knowledge and experience, they also take time to under the way these products are made and what materials go into making them. We also offer our customers rug dry cleaning that is of great quality and that meets and exceeds their requirements. This service offers door-to-door service since we pick up your rugs at your home and bring them back once they are professionally dry cleaned.

Our rug cleaners are some of the best in town and you should give them a try. Without doubt they are professionals in their craft because they know your type of rug in and out from making them to cleaning them. That is why you should feel confident in dealing with us and in trusting us with your expensive rugs.

You know how these investments give your floors or plain carpets some needed vibrance and you don’t want to lose that appeal. By calling us to clean or maintain them you will continue adding color to your home.

Our technicians are also highly skilled in Persian rug cleaning, which requires extra care because of its dye, texture, and weaving. To us, there is no such as thing as one shoe fits all because each product that we clean needs and deserves a special treatment. Working with a technician who recognizes this can protect your investments a give them a long life. Do you need help cleaning Persian rugs in Plano Texas? We can help you and within a short time, we can get them looking great. Our technicians have studied the making of these rugs to understand the types of fabrics that are used and how to take care of them. This knowledge helps them know what cleaning products to use so that they can preserve them.
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